About us


Geologie is a brand inspired by the colours and hues of the rich Western Australian desert. We create wearable colours in minimal, earthy tones. Sleek, subtle colours that you can wear anywhere.

Started by our founder, Eliza Stewart, Geologie was born from the frustration at the lack of local, independent make-up producers in Western Australia.

A geologist by trade, Eliza spends her time travelling around the vast West Australian deserts, uncovering minerals and exploring the elements. Far from the city, immersed in the landscape, from the searing heat to the cool waters of the gorges and billabongs, she developed a deep love for the colours and tones of the landscape.

With a keen interest in cosmetics, and a desire for make-up that is 100% cruelty-free, vegan and made with ethically sourced mica, Eliza decided to create a brand that would marry the sheer beauty and intensity of the Pilbara colours with an ethically produced product.

Geologie is for those who want a truly independent alternative to the big labels.

Born from the earth, designed by a geologist, and made for those who appreciate the beauty of natural colour.